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Ely Public Library - Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Holiday music at 4:30-5:30pm
Joined by the Wild Strings Youth Ensemble

Your Event or Wedding -

It’s personal

Your event or wedding is personal and should be whatever your style is. Maybe you are trying to create a mood or just have a good time! We the work with you and your ideas in order to create an event or wedding that’s perfect for you.

Love it

Choose music because you love it. Because it makes you feel a certain way. Because it carries good memories. Because someone you love loves it. Because the words are fantastic and come to mind when you hear it.  A song you love — rather than a song that sounds like it should be in a wedding — is going to make the day particularly special.

Start here

Folk songs or ethnic music from your family history — a lullaby sung by your dad — the song playing when the two of you first met — hymns or spirituals with special meaning — songs with an instrument you used to play — you just love the lyrics — it makes you cry every time  — you play this song more than any other — it’s in a movie you love — it just makes you want to dance! . . . every darn time you hear it!