1.    At what types of events does the Ensemble perform?
The Ensemble performs for a wide variety of events. This has included outdoor picnics, parties, weddings, receptions, corporate functions, funerals, religious services, concerts and recordings.

2.    Does the Ensemble perform outdoors?
We enjoy performing outdoors but our instruments cannot be exposed to:
  • Extreme temperatures (below 55 degrees or above 95 degrees)
  • Direct sunlight (for extended periods of time)
  • Rain or other precipitation
  • Any elements, natural or man-made that could cause damage.

3.    What do I need to provide for the Ensemble on the day of the performance?
We will need three chairs, without arms, set up in the area where we will perform. Folding chairs are fine. We will bring our own stands and work with your contact person at the location.

If the performance is to take place outdoors, the Ensemble will need a consistent source of shade, from a building, awning, tent or tree cover.

4.    Does the Ensemble play at events outside the Ely area?
Yes. Travel within 15 miles of the City of Ely is included in the Ensemble fee. We will be happy to negotiate travel fees based on time or distance for events further away.

5.    What does the Ensemble wear when performing?

We usually wear concert black or may include a splash of color. We will try to dress according to the atmosphere of your event - but we will not wear Pink!!

6.    We have a vocalist/another instrumentalist performing at our event. Can the Ensemble accompany them?
We often collaborate with vocalists and other musicians on commonly performed music. We can also make recommendations for other respected vocalists or instrumentalists. If an additional rehearsal is required, we will ask to negotiate an extra rehearsal charge.

7.    Will the Ensemble need to take breaks?

A five-minute break is required hourly for event performances longer than 75 minutes.