Hire Us!


We are happy to play at many types of events; including outdoor picnics, parties, receptions, corporate functions, funerals, and religious services. We perform mostly  classical selections with a small mix of eclectic selections; tangos, Americana, Irish classics, contemporary, etc.

The price for the ensemble is $225 for the first hour. The price per hour is reduced after the first hour.

Rates may be negotiable for non-profit events and we are happy to play without charge for area classrooms. Rates for duos or solo violin are also available.


Our Ensemble Wedding Package includes the following:
  • Classical music will be played 12-15 minutes before the ceremony begins as people are mingling or being seated.
  • Includes a Processional (music for walking in to the altar) and Recessional (walking out) at the end of the ceremony.
  • Can include 1 classical selection during the wedding ceremony. It is also possible to request a popular music selection of your choice.
  • Classical selections will be played for ~5 minutes after the Recessional as people are waiting to leave the ceremony.
  • Depending on your wedding details, we may also attend the wedding rehearsal to confirm logistics.

The Ensemble Wedding Package is $400. A deposit of $100 is appreciated at least three weeks before the ceremony.

Rates may be negotiable for a more simple or less formal wedding ceremony. Rates for duos or solo violin are also available.